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I have been riding motorcycles from the age of 13. From the time I started riding to the opening of my motorcycle dealership in 1970 I have owned many different bikes. I rode a Sears moped , Cushman motor scoter, Triumph 650 dirt bike ,BMW, Triumph 650 Thunderbird, HD Sportster, Norton Commando, 2″ HD Sportster. I opened my motorcycle dealership in 1970 and have been in this same location since then. I have competed in Trials, Hare Scrambles, MotoCross , many cross country races including Blackwater 100 taking first in my class on a Rokon, Hungry Creek 100, Little Burr, Baby Burr and many National Enduro’s . I was ranked as an ‘A” Enduro Rider. Road Racing: I road raced a Kaw 1000 for Lester Tire & Wheel Team 24 hour Endurance. We won 2 national endurance championships racing WERA. We were undefeated in those 2 years and then the 3rd year in the 23″I hour our engine dropped a valve. We would have been the only team to win overall at Nelson Ledges for 3 years in a row. I have raced at Daytona 2 times once in the singles class on a 250 (Bultesa) . This is a Bultaco TSS frame and Montesa 250VR engine. I still have the bike. I raced a Kaw 1000 in a couple sprint races in Daytona. Just to let you know some of my riding back ground. Not bragging , at all. Just letting you know I do have experience. I also rode the Colorado 500 thirteen times . I am super proud and seriously humble to say I won the Dave Mungenast Award my last year of riding the Colorado 500 . I have done many dual sport fun events over the last 15 years. 2014 I rode with Don Emde and about 22 other riders on the Historic Finding Cannon Baker Ride. We retraced Erwin Bakers ride in 1914 one hundred years later to the day to the minute. 2015 I am riding the TransAmerica Trail with Ted Bailey, Dave Bambeck, Troy Schultz & Dan Kazmir. KTM offers Service Classes each year. KTM Dealers who are Orange Certified are required to attend these classes once every three years . I attend every year because I always learn something new. Our Riders depend on me to service their KTM Bikes. I take this very seriously. Of all the KTM Dealers in the USA we have the lowest warranty/service claims of any dealer. I attribute this to the fact that I spend 8-10 hours prepping out each KTM before it leaves our shop & my yearly attendance at the KTM Service Schools.
Also, when a Rider picks up his KTM from our shop I spend one -two hours with him going over every facet of the KTM. My wife, Candy joined me in 1975. She has worked beside me in our business every day for over 40 years. People tell us they could never handle being with their spouse 24/7. For us it has worked in every sense. We are a two man operation. We got married to be together. We work well as a team. I think we compliment one another. Candy handles the parts counter sales and all the KTM bike sales. She is responsible for our advertising and promotions. Over our 40 plus years together I know I can count on Candy 100%.


Candy writes:CANDY JANUARY 2008

Our KTM business has been and remains a wonderful adventure for us both. We are together every day. We both know this business. When I started Denny raced every weekend. We would load up his bike & our 2 kids Dale & Brigitte and spend every weekend in Southern Ohio at an Enduro. I loved it ! I loved being there for Denny during the races. I was an important part of every Enduro that Denny raced. When we did the Enduro’s the Rider has to have a pit crew to follow their Rider on the roads. This was done so the Rider, as they came out of the wooded areas could re fuel and keep going. I was that pit crew. I had a map that I had to follow on the country roads . I had to make up a route sheet holder for Denny. Our children still remember these races. As a family we built so many lasting memories. When I started in our business we were local.    I saw an opportunity to sell parts outside our city. We started that on a very small scale. Then it really took off. We found most dealerships don’t stock parts . We are located 45 minutes from KTM in Amherst , Ohio. We stock a large inventory of KTM oem parts. KIM being so close there were many days that we would jump in the car and go to KTM to pick up riders order to ship that same day. We ship a ton of parts every day. We not only sell parts but we make certain the parts our Riders order are the correct parts for their KTM. Sounds sort of silly. BUT there are lots of times Riders need advise to diagnose their concerns in order to get them the parts that will really correct that concern.

Denny is a Master at this. We are YOUR KTM Parts LifeSavers!

CANDY and Denny at KTM 1290 Demo EventWe have seen many KTM Dealerships come & go. We have remained steady over these 40 plus years. Denny & I both have the mind set that we will never stop learning or stop changing & adapting to our Riders needs. When we do vacation it is usually because we have a KTM Dealer meeting to attend. I map out the local dealers so we can stop and visit. I always learn something. The first year we were married we went to Daytona and found a dealer in Georgia, Atlantic Cycle. We spent the rest of that day with Denny helping the owner put together his new shipment of Bultaco bikes. This is just what we do. I am very proud of my husband. Knowing he is an expert in his field / alittle of a legend is a great source of pride for me. When we traveled to Daytona for Speed Week we always ran the Stone Mountain Enduro on our way to the Alligator Enduro. . Some of my best memories are of Denny’s brother Glenn assisting Denny for both of these events. Glenn was always there for Denny. When you come into our shop here in Akron you can see evidence of Glenn everywhere. He made our shop diamond plate counters, shop parts boxes and many tools that Denny uses in our Service Department. . When KTM did some re grouping years ago we donated money each month to keep the KTM race effort moving . We have been Orange Bleeders forever! The summer of 2014 the John Penton Movie was released. The beginning of the KTM Bikes here in the USA was Mr. Penton’s dream come true. It is a wonderful family story. Now, KTM has entered a new world of Adventure / Dual Sport bikes with a fury. The advent of this allows our business to soar. 2015 we introduced the 390 Duke & RC390. We sold out of these in January prior to receipt. With the 1290 Super Adventure , 1290 Super DukeR KTM is on fire. 2015 found KTM Super Cross WINS ! for both the 250 and 450 titles. We are now a Center of Excellence for Jim of Raw Hyde Adventures. We offer our KTM Riders products from SRT, Giant Loop, Black Dog, KLIM and Heidenau tires.
Denny is the only 9 year KTM Orange Certified Master Tech in Ohio.  Summer of 2015 Denny rode the TransAmerica Trail. We start again in 2016 .

Maui, Hawaii , release of KTM 390 & 1290 Super Adventures, Febr. 2015.
Summer & Fall of 2015 Denny rode the TAT ,North Carolina – Gunnison Colorado
June 2016, annual KTM dealer meeting in Whistler ,BC
TAT ,Sept. 9, 2016 . Denny, Rick, Dave, Dan & Troy, start in Gunnison ,Colorado.
Candy, chase truck , goal , coast of Oregon .
Engineer Pass, Denny tipped over, broke his left femur. Surgery Sept. 10. ,Sept.12 & back on the trail.
Denny in the chase truck . We are backing up our riders to the coast.
2017 riding , Lake Erie Circle Tour. http://www.lakeerieimprovement.org/circle-tour/
Riding the New York to NC section of the TAT
Denny is the only 11 year KTM Orange Certified Master Tech in Ohio.
2017 year is our 47th year in this whacky business ….. Come join us



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