You are our KTM dealer for life!!

Dear Candy and Denny,

Over the years, prior to Jacob and once he started riding we have had dealings with several big box motocycle/ATV dealerships.  We are delighted, more than words can express that we found you, Holeshot KTM!

From the first time we entered your shop we have felt welcomed, not just a number.  We bought our Jacob’s first KTM in 2016 and you went above and beyond.  You took time to let Jacob sit on it, ride it in the side yard, most importantly you were patient.  We wanted Jacob to experience paying for his own bike, understand the value of money.  Without any hesitation Candy, you had him sit on the stool, went over the invoice and counted out the money with him.

Denny put on all the extras that he knew Jacob would need, in addition, you were and still are always available to answer questions.  Your years of experience is priceless, Denny.  Thanks for always sharing and taking time to find out.  Both of you took time to attend his first race at Lightening Raceway, Denny walked the course with Jacob and gave him the advice, which has stuck with him, “Slow is fast, Jacob”
You were the first that Jacob wanted to call and tell he got selected for the KTM Challenge.  He said, “I have to let Candy and Denny know!”
We understand why you have been in business for as long as you have!  After experiencing your exceptional customer service, genuine care and tremendous dedication to representing KTM you are our KTM dealer for life!!

We are glad we found you, our KTM Dealer, Friend and Family.
George, Michelle & Jacob McPherson#494

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