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 Quantity: $30  

     Floating WAVE Brake disc 320mm 
 Quantity: $350  

     320mm Brake Disc 
 Quantity: $195  

     320 Brake Disc Caliper Support 
 Quantity: $120  

     Brembo Handbrake Cylinder Supermoto 
 Quantity: $350  

     Brembo Handbrake Bracket 
 Quantity: $18  

     Brembo Handbrake Reservoir 
 Quantity: $17  

     6 Piston Brake Caliper 
 Quantity: $780  

     Brake Pads Sintered Soft 
 Quantity: $73  

     Brake Pads Sintered Hard 
 Quantity: $88  

     Replacement Sliders for Grinder Hand Guards 
 Quantity: $15  

     Supermoto brake kit for USD 43/48mm 
 Quantity: $550  

     Front Axle Sliders USE 781 09 945 000 
 Quantity: $55  

     Rear Axle Sliders NOW USE 781 10 945 100 
 Quantity: $60  

     SuperMoto Tire Warmers 
 Quantity: $440  

 Quantity: $78  

     Non-Damped Front Silver Wheel 3-5x16-5 26mm axle 
 Quantity: $450  

     Non-Damped Front Black Wheel 3-5x16-5 26mm axle 
 Quantity: $450  

     Non-Damped Rear Silver Wheel 5x17" 
 Quantity: $540  

     Non-Damped Rear Black Wheel 5x17" 
 Quantity: $530  
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