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I put in the springs and shimmed them light and the bike is operating perfectly. Candy said to E-mail some pictures for the web site. So here they are. By the way it is my opinion that seeing how the KTM mini 50 is a beginner’s bike. You should set them up the way I did and start them out with a low RPM clutch engagement. Maybe you don’t have many 4 year olds buying the bike. I’m not sure but that bike runs so good with low rpm engagement. When Branden twist’s the throttle more the powerband kicks in and he can control it. I know you know what you are doing and I was impressed with your knowledge. I am just giving you constructive feed back. I want you to know buying a KTM @ Holeshot was a good experience. I thank you for that.

—  Gregg & Branden

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