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Letter from Candy

Our KTM business has been and remains a wonderful adventure for us both. We are together every day. We both know this business. When I started Denny raced every weekend. We would load up his bike & our 2 kids Dale & Brigitte and spend every weekend in Southern Ohio at an Enduro. I loved it ! I loved being there for Denny during the races. I was an important part of every Enduro that Denny raced. When we did the Enduro’s the Rider has to have a pit crew to follow their Rider on the roads. This was done so the Rider, as they came out of the wooded areas could re fuel and keep going. I was that pit crew. I had a map that I had to follow on the country roads . I had to make up a route sheet holder for Denny. Our children still remember these races. As a family we built so many lasting memories. When I started in our business we were local. I saw an opportunity to sell parts outside our city. We started that on a very small scale. Then it really took off. We found most dealerships don’t stock parts . We are located 45 minutes from KTM in Amherst , Ohio. We stock a large inventory of KTM oem parts. KIM being so close there were many days that we would jump in the car and go to KTM to pick up riders order to ship that same day. We ship a ton of parts every day. We not only sell parts but we make certain the parts our Riders order are the correct parts for their KTM. Sounds sort of silly. BUT there are lots of times Riders need advise to diagnose their concerns in order to get them the parts that will really correct that concern.

Denny is a Master at this. We are YOUR KTM Parts LifeSavers!

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