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Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Golly, I use a lot of their products. I think I have used these before Denny and I moved from South Arlington to our condo. Here is what I do....blueberries, banana coconut milk and two scoops, ice, blend and take to work for us both

I use the small 'to go' packs when we travel, which is rare because we are always at work.

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Not one of our bikes are prepped out the ready to go out our doors. After a Rider pays for the bike in full we start the prep. We are a two man operation. Denny, my husband, is the 24 year KTM Master

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Welcome to the Holeshot KTM Family, We started selling off road motorcycles in 1970. When I met Denny, he told me why he opened the dealership. Seems back in the late 1960’s Denny owned an Amoco Gas S


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