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Saturday at Holeshot KTM

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Saturday December 17 2022 , We are headed out for our annual break today.

We will be back here the first week of the new year. We are loaded with KTM bikes both 2022 and 2023 models. I just got a 2023 XC 300 through our doors.

This is the second XC 300 for 2023 .

The 2023 SX-e 5 KTM electric bike just got here as did the 50 mini and 50 SX.

Please take a minute and look at our YouTube videos. I am having so much fun making up YouTube Video shorts . Let us know what you think

Saturday August 20, 2022. This week I met three new Riders and their families.

Sam and Eddie, his girlfriend, bought a 2022 SX 125.

Sam is here for the summer and then they head back to Arizona.

Shawn got back into riding this summer on a 250 SX, 2 stroke.

Shawn needed all new plastics. Then there is Sarah with a 2009 XCW 300

There are many times in the life of a dealership when I meet Riders who are just really nice and thrilled to be able to ride. That excitement, the thrill of the ride never gets old for me.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

We got our KTM 2022 model year Adventure 390. What a sweet ride.

This week we took receipt of model years 2022 and 2023 KTM Bikes.

I have here two 2023 EXC-F 500 and one XCW 300 plus one 2023 SX 85

We sold a 2022 SX 125 to a really super nice rider, Sam from Arkansas who is here

in Ohio for work this summer.

Saturday, August 6. 2022

I began to write about our crazy hectic Saturdays and then I started to reminisce about

our Leader, if you will indulge me, Mr. John Penton. Back in 2014, I had the honor of setting up a premier showing of the John Penton Story here in Akron, Ohio. I secured the Regal Theater in the city of Montrose. I started telling everyone. The tickets sold out, I mean we actually sold out the entire theater! Sitting here in the summer of 2022 this gathering of Penton /KTM Riders and families is still a thrill!

Mr. Penton will celebrate his 97th Birthday this month August 19 2022

Saturday July 30 , 2022

Another crazy day at KTM in da hood. I need more of these iconic T-shirts.

We just got word that the KTM 390 Duke model year 2022 will be hitting our doors this month. Right now, this month of August I am getting both 2022 and 2023 KTM bikes through our doors. It is an off week for the Lucas Oil MX series. We just got a 2023 SX 85 !

What is going on in KTM World

I cannot believe we were lucky enough to get in here 2 of the 2023 EXC-F 500 KTM Bikes.

Saturday, July 16, 2022 What a wild day. We have this Rider who we have known since August 2016 buy our 350 EXC-F. We helped a dad with a rear brake master cylinder so his son could go to a dirt bike camp that starts Monday, July 18th. I was so glad we had the part in stock. We tried to watch the Lucas Oil MX without any success. MavTV simply doesn't work even though we paid upfront for the season. We will have to wait to see this on Sunday using YouTube.

Saturday, July 9, 2022 Today was a blessing for us and for the SX 65 family.

This family bought a used 2001 SX 65. They took the bike to two different repair shops and they just couldn't do the job. There were so many pieces parts on this KTM that didn't even belong. Well, today we were able to hand it back to the family. Happy Day.

Saturday, July 2, 2022. This was a wild and crazy, interesting Saturday. We had riders lined up outside to come inside?!Then when they got inside we had a miserable surprise.

OUR CENTRAL AIR is broken ( will be replaced July 6th. ) My counter receipt printer ran out of black ink. I need to remind myself to purchase a new updated awesome printer for the counter. I make way too many excuses for how slow it prints. I think, well, I can think now on Monday, July 4th that everyone just wanted to get their pieces parts, and oils and get out to RIDE! I did place a link to a printer I am strongly considering. Pleaseeeeee, let me know if anyone loves or hates this printer. Here it is July 4th and we are at the shop. I have a love-hate relationship with working on days we are not open.

Saturday, June 11, 2022, is quiet compared to yesterday. When I was really young in this business quiet days really worried me. Now, 40 some years later, I realize quiet means I can catch up on rider's questions and follow up to assure they are on track. We have a lot of Riders who zero in on Rider forums and take the advice of others. Generally, this gets them in trouble. I love being able to get them the correct solutions so they can ride.

Saturday, May 14 2022 a busy day. riders getting ready to dust off their KTM , change oils and just get out there and ride. Recently I have come to realize that I need to slow down and either listen better or actually read what is written.

These knee-jerk responses I am sometimes guilty of need to stop.

Saturday, April 21, 2022. I had this great guy stop in as he was working on his

grandson's 50cc KTM model year 2008. He said to finish up this job for his boy.

He wanted a shifter. I said 'well these are automatic and you don't shift.

' He said 'how it that?' I explained. He said 'I don't trust you. '

I got the parts page in front of us and we figured it out together.

Saturday March 26 2022 today Shane and Holly are on my mind.

KTM 65cc. they have been through a couple repair places and their KTM just won't run.

We have a bunch of boxes . Here we go.

So today, Saturday January 22, 2022, we are headed out to a dealership in Medina as a guy who works there just bought our 2022 SX Mini 50. With our hours and his hours working are pretty much the same I suggested we just meet him at his dealership to sign the title work. Here in Akron almost all of our highways are under construction.

This Rider works at the former Rick Rousch.

He is buying this for his 4-year-old son and we will have to lower it .

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