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Welcome to the Holeshot KTM Family,

We started selling off road motorcycles in 1970.

When I met Denny, he told me why he opened the dealership. Seems back in the late 1960’s Denny owned an Amoco Gas Station on the corner of Arlington and East Market Street here in Akron.

On his off time all he wanted to do was ride. Denny rode a Husky. His dealer was about 15 minutes from his home.

The story goes it was Saturday and Denny’s throttle cable broke. He got to the dealership a just as the shop was closing up. The door was locked. Denny knocked. The dealer came to the door. Denny told him what he needed and the dealer said “Denny we are closed. “Denny replied “hey I will slip the money under the door I just need this cable.” The dealer would not open the door. Denny came home, told his brother and his brother said, HEY ! Open your own shop. Well, He did. Denny tells me right then he decided he would be open as long as riders needed us closing time or not. To this day this is how we run our shop.

I believe everyone just wants to ride. No one needs excuses from their trusted dealer. You just want a healthy parts inventory.

You need that inventory backed up with expert knowledge from your dealer. Whether you are a professional, Adventure Rider, MX Racer, Trail Rider, fun with the Family Rider

Candy & Denny have the parts and knowledge to keep you going.

We stock a huge inventory of oem parts for KTM.

We know you needed the parts last week and just barely had the time to get to us today.

Remember to sign up for our emails so you never miss an event, a planned ride, review, update, tech bulletin on your KTM.

You'll always find quality KTM parts here. That's our promise to you.

We don’t’ compromise.

We are looking forward to meeting up with you soon.

Candy & Denny

Since 1970

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