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2019 XCW 250 TPI

2019 XCW 250 TPI Starting at $9,699

2019 EXC 450 six day

2019 EXC 450 six day Starting at $12,749


2018 EXC -F 250 Starting at $8,625.


2016 SUPER DUKE GT 1290 (ORANGE IN COLOR) Starting at $19,999.


2016 SUPER DUKE GT 1290 (GREY IN COLOR) Starting at $19,999.


2016 SX 85 Starting at $4,999.


2014 ADVENTURE 1190 (ORANGE IN COLOR) Starting at $12,000

Rod Pifer

Candy. Thanks again for all your wonderful help. After I finished talking to you this morning I went to Ace hardware and bought enough hose for drain lines then cable tide them together. If they fail I’ll be calling you for stock lines. Y’all have been great helping me get this KTM going. I greatly appreciate you so much. You certainly earned my business. All KTM products will be purchased from you!!

Thank you all very much.

Scott Bailey

Well you were right, one of the shims fell off and was laying down in the bottom of the head Thanks again for all your help Denny. I know you have heard it before but you are the MAN and it helps to have you and your expertise to get tips and assistance from. Virginia

T. Johnson

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for taking care of me on my parts order.
I got everything this afternoon. Awesome! Now I can get my scoot rolling again!
Thank you for your help Denny.

Robert G.

I just wanted to thank you guys.  About a month ago I ordered some parts and needed them by friday.  You helped insure I got the right parts and got them to me by friday.  Thanks for the personal attention and service.

Much appreciated,

The McKee family

"Thank you again for all the excellent service this year. 2015 brings new challenges to Austin in his new class, but with you and denny in his corner I am confident in his success. We can not thank you and holeshot ktm for the professional help we received this year. God bless you guys and we will see you soon.. let me know if the 37 sprocket has arrived also. Thanks again. "


364 S Arlington St, Akron, OH 44306

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2016 SUPER DUKE GT 1290

2016 SUPER DUKE GT 1290 (GREY IN COLOR) Starting at $19,999.